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Unpublished works in the research pipeline either currently being developed, written or reviewed

/Research projects

The political economic architecture of manipulation in the Philippines

An interdisciplinary, cutting edge research that attempts to trace the missing link between the political machineries that commission propaganda and disinformation work, the labor market that supply this service, and the material products of political manipulation that is rampant in digital spaces. We begin our investigation with social media influencers and their participation in this political economy of manipulation.


This research is led by myself with my co-investigators: Jon Benedik Bunquin, JM Lanuza, Sam Cabbuage, Neen Sapalo and Al Yusoph. The project is in collaboration with Internews.  The project commences in July 2022.

Digital Public Pulse

A pioneering, interdisciplinary research collaboration that inquires about the intersection of digital publics, social networks, and media convergence across Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube about or related to the 2022 Philippine General Elections.

The project co-led by myself and Jon Benedik Bunquin and is under the Philippine Media Monitoring Laboratory of the Department of Communication Research, University of the Philippines, Diliman.

You can download the report here.

Investing in Women Gender Norms

A research that evaluates the campaigns launched by Investing in Women in moving gender norm targets and surveying the landscape to inform their future gender advocacy work.

The project led by Dean Ernan Paragas and I am co-leading the social media monitoring work with Jon Benedik Bunquin. We are also in collaboration with our Reception Analysis team led by Summer Agonos and Shine Rapanot.

/Writing projects

Fake News in Asia book chapter

A book project led by Edson Tandoc Jr. on Fake News in Asia, to be published under Routledge. I will be  contributing a chapter on disinformation and elections in the Philippines, which I am currently writing.

YouTube 'News' Vernacular article

Drawing from our research contribution to the Facts First PH coalition during the 2022 Philippine Elections, we expand our analysis into a journal article that conceptualizes the emergence of a distinct news genre specific to the platform vernaculars of YouTube.

I am currently writing this manuscript with my co-authors, Ira Cruz and Luisa Pineda. See the popular rendition of the work here.

Philippine Internet Studies book chapters

A book project led by Roland Tolentino, Vladmeir Gonzales and Laurence Marvin Castillo on the contours of internet cultures in the Philippines. I am contributing two chapters in the collection, one with Jon Benedik Bunquin theorizing political agency in networked social movements, and another solo chapter problematizing the 'substructure' of social media platforms that house "parallel information ecosystems."

These chapters are next in my writing pipeline.

SAGE Handbook of Promotional Culture and Society book chapter

A book project led by Lee Edwards, Clea Bourne, Gisela Castro and Jason Cabañes on the intersection of advertising, branding, marking, public relations, social media management and related areas unde SAGE Publishing. I will be contributing to the collection by writing a chapter on disinformation promotion on social media, focusing on the case of the Philippines.

The extended abstract is under review by the editors.

The Cultural Infrastructure of the Netflix Recommender System

Written a book chapter under review for the edited book project "Media Backends: Critical Studies of the Other Side of the Screen" with editors Lisa Park, Julia Velkova and Sanders de Ridder.

The chapter conceptualizes algorithms as infrastructures and their capacity to both govern social processes and generate cultural standards through mutually constitutive relations between their material and social conditions.

In dishonor of: the Assemblage of Counter-Memory as Networked resistance on Twitter

Written a journal manuscript with Jon Benedik Bunquin under review for the journal Information, Communication and Society.

The paper investigates the emergence of counter-memory assemblages that disrupt historical orders and enact political agency to privilege marginalized narratives in the reconstruction of memory.

Let's Work Together

Open to collaborating on topics related to disinformation, algorithmic cultures and platform governance!

Reach out to me here.

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