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Public engagements with the media, education institutions and civil society organization

Most recent

Speaking engagement: On Academic Freedom, Historical Revisionism, and Red-Tagging, July 6

The Network in Defense of Historical Truth and Academic Freedom and Kritika Kultura invite the academic community and the public to On Academic Freedom, Historical Revisionism, and Red-Tagging on July 6, 2022, Wednesday, 3:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. (PST), on Zoom (register here: and Facebook (Kritika Kultura).

I'll be speaking on the topic of disinformation and the academe.

Rappler documentary: Ang Mundo Ng Mga Vlogger(The World of Vloggers)

Subject matter expert for the Rappler documentary produced by Rambo Talabong on the emergence of amateur YouTube vloggers tailing the political campaign events of President Ferdinand 'Bongbong' Marcos as their source of livelihood.

ANC's The Rundown (07 June 2022)

Subject matter expert interviewee for the Rundown with Mike Navallo on political spending and its relationship with covert political campaigning outside the scrutiny of media and regulation of COMELEC.

Rappler special coverage: Duterte ‘institutionalized’ disinformation, paved the way for a Marcos victory

Subject matter expert for the Rappler's special coverage written by Loreben Tuquero on the legacy of disinformation by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte and how it paved the way for Marcos Jr. to victory.

Rappler news: For Malacañang access, Marcos vloggers are going pro

Interviewed for comments for the Rappler news on the accreditation of vloggers and influencers in the Malacañang Press Corps.

Interviews, comments & coverages

May 2022

Elliott, V. (2022, May 10). How YouTube Can Rewrite the Past and Shape an Election. WIRED.

Rappler (2022, May 10). #WeDecide: Disinformation in the 2022 Philippine elections.

Regan, H. & Coles, Y. (2022, May 6). Son of dictator poised for the presidency as the Philippines goes to the polls. CNN International.

Cabato, R. (2022, May 6). In the Philippines, grassr-oots campaign takes on the Marcos juggernaut. Washington Post.

Gutierrez, N. & Gotinga, J. (2022, May 6). A Dictator’s Son Faked His Family History. Now He Could Win the Presidency. VICE.

Apr 2022

GMA News (2022, April 26). Ano nga ba ang algorithm at echo chamber? | Need To Know [video].

Rappler (2022, April 6). On the Campaign Trail with John Nery: The poison in the air [video].

DSCTA UP Diliman (2022, April 23). Persuasion and the Polls: Political Accounts on Social Media Platforms [video].

ABS-CBN News (2022, April 7). SRO | TeleRadyo (7 April 2022) [video].

Gavilan, J. (2022, April 7). Marcos Jr.’s campaign reaping benefits of years of disinformation – experts. Rappler.

Howie Severino Podcast (2022, April 6). Digital media researcher Fatima Gaw on how to battle online falsehoods [podcast].

Mar 2022

ABS-CBN News (2022, March 23). After the Fact | ANC (23 March 2022) [video].

ABS-CBN News (2022, March 23). After the Fact | ANC (23 March 2022) [video].

Feb 2022

ABS-CBN News (2022, March 23). After the Fact | ANC (23 March 2022) [video].

Jan 2022

ABS-CBN News (2022, January 12). After the Fact | ANC (12 January 2022) [video].

Presentations and Panels

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