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Fatima Gaw, Digital media researcher

See what I'm up to now---

PhD student at Northwestern University
Former Assistant Professor at University of the Philippines

About Me

I am an early career researcher studying on the mediation of platforms, algorithms and digital technologies in cultural production, politics, and public discourse in the Philippines and in the Global South

New release

The Digital Public Pulse report on the 2022 Philippine General Election digital landscape across Facebook, Twitter and YouTube under the Philippine Media Monitoring Laboratory is now published. 

In the works

Currently writing: Structural analysis of disinformation

Writing a theoretical paper about the structural analysis of disinformation, being developed under the guidance of TJ Billard

New project: Poli-econ of disinformation

Principal investigator for project "The political economic architecture of manipulation in the Philippines" in partnership with Internews

Currently writing: YouTube 'news' vernacular

Translating my research with Ira Cruz and Luisa Pineda into journal article theorizing the distinct 'news' vernaculars on Youtube popularized by 'alternative' news channels


On a break

Adjusting with my first year PhD studies in the US

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